Dear customer,

From 16 January 2017 MACAW Engineering Ltd, a member of the ROSEN Group, will provide its services under the ROSEN brand.

The people remain the same, only the name will change

MACAW and ROSEN have been collaborating and working together very efficiently since 2006, so we already have a long history of shared success. Since our common goal is to provide the best possible support to our customers, we have now decided to integrate our services under one brand.

You will receive the same quality of service that you have come to expect because you will work with the same experienced people you have come to know and trust over the years.

Combining our capabilities to provide the best possible service in the industry

MACAW's services will be offered as part of the combined ROSEN Integrity Solutions team, which currently consists of over 150 staff; including consultants, engineers, scientists, technicians, and business support. You will have access to an integrated team at various locations around the world. Experts in integrity and diagnostics, metallurgy, sensor physics, corrosion and data analytics combine to provide you with everything necessary for high-quality, safe and efficient asset integrity management.


We have attempted to anticipate and answer questions that may arise for you. However, do not hesitate to contact us in case if you have any further questions.

Why are you rebranding?
With a growing portfolio of products and services, the ROSEN Group has recently reviewed its long-term growth strategy and in future intends to market all its products and services, including those currently provided by MACAW, under a single ROSEN brand.
The long-term ambition is to establish a worldwide network of experts that facilitates an increasingly seamless service.
What can you tell me about the ROSEN Group?
ROSEN is a privately owned company established in 1981 by Hermann Rosen in Lingen, Lower Saxony, Germany. Over the last 35 years, ROSEN has grown rapidly and is today a worldwide provider of leading technology in all areas of the integrity process chain with more than 2800 employees in more than 120 countries worldwide.

ROSEN’s four key areas of expertise are:
• Inspection of critical industrial assets to ensure reliable operations of the highest standards and effectiveness
• Customized engineering consultancy providing efficient asset integrity management
• Production and supply of customized novel systems and products
• Market-driven, topical, state-of-the-art research and development providing added-value products and services
Are ROSEN buying/acquiring MACAW?
MACAW has been owned by the ROSEN Group since 2010, and has been doing business together with the ROSEN Group since 2006. ROSEN became involved at that time due to the need to support inspection customers with plans for repairs, re-inspection, etc. To ensure long-term development and security of the MACAW business, the former owners transferred the business over to ROSEN in 2010. Since that time, the business has continued to grow successfully.
What will the rebranding mean for me?

You can expect the same services, same quality, same people – merely the name will change.

What are the benefits for me?
ROSEN is a strong global company with a long-term view and a commitment to research. They have a wide pool of resources, financial backing and stability. The Newcastle office and staff will remain a center of excellence while becoming more closely integrated into the newly restructured worldwide ROSEN network. This globalization process will give our customers access to an ever-increasing range of high-quality services and a growing number of experienced staff, wherever they are located.

Our clients will still get the same service from the same people — those people however now have a clear association with a globally recognized and respected industry leader that has a wider portfolio of products and services and even more varied experience.

Customers also benefit from this global team’s access to ROSEN’s extensive R&D facilities, which enable us to continuously develop cutting-edge solutions to customer problems.

From an internal perspective, it will make working together easier, which will ultimately also benefit our customers.
How will MACAW services be offered under the ROSEN brand?
MACAW is already integrated in the ROSEN Group, working closely with our colleagues all over the world, and able to make good use of our strengths, e.g. with the integrated management systems and software teams.

MACAW services will be sold as part of the combined integrity team, which now consists of more than 150 people including engineers, scientists, technicians and support staff. We offer an increasingly seamless service via our global network, providing customers with access to all of the capabilities of the group to ensure the best possible support — be it in selecting the right inspection tool or measurement technique, detailed assessment of what the anomaly results mean for the management of the pipeline, supporting software, or specialist corrosion management and consultancy services.

Will service quality/policies change?

No — we ensure the same high level of quality.
Will there be any staffing changes that might affect me?
This change is about bringing existing services under one name. We will continue to expand by recruiting high caliber staff to meet client demand.
Who do I call if I have a problem or concern?
You may raise any issues with your MACAW contact at any time. Alternatively, please contact Pat Stokes (




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