We invest in education in order to develop the scientists and engineers of the future. We are committed to establish interest in science at all levels of education among young people and to lead science workshops in the communities. 

ROKIDS is the day care center of the research & technology center in Lingen, Germany, and is located next to the ROSEN facilities. It is an educational institution that provides a selected learning program for the children that focusses on motive skills, games, songs, media and creativity. Further emphasis within our activities is placed on technology and sciences. The day care center is bilingual-oriented (German-English).


We are proud to support educational initiatives at all levels in various countries around the world. At our ROSEN site in Germany, we participate in the Deutschland-Stipendium program. This gives students and companies an opportunity to get to know each other during the students’ studies. Also it enables university students to visit and interact with the partner business, which gives them an insight into the practical application of their studies. ROSEN offers financial support to the students during their studies with a view to employing them after graduation.

Among many other projects, in 2010 and 2011, ROSEN provided the "Doble Ayuda" foundation necessary premises for the storage of food and commodities and ran a weekend course on mechanical maintenance for motorcyclists. The Doble Ayuda Foundation helps to construct and improve schools in rural areas of Argentina. Also ROSEN USA supports scholarship programs for the oil and gas professionals of tomorrow. For more than a decade we have partnered with the Pipeliners Association of Houston, an organization that has awarded millions of dollars in scholarships to deserving students.