A little over two years ago, we sent a Gauging Tool on a very long journey from Nyhamna, Norway, to Easington, England.

"Jimmy 007" at Statoil in Norwegen
"Jimmy 007" at Statoil in Norwegen

What’s special about this Gauging Tool is that besides checking the traversability of the so-called “LANGELED” Pipeline (prior to running the 42/44” CDX Combi-Tool), it had yet another mission: delivering letters.

The noteworthiness of the  “LANGELED” Pipeline and the good cooperation between the participating countries and companies merited explicit expression, so our Gauging Tool “Jimmy 007” was equipped with a letterbox and furnished with British and Norwegian flag emblems.

In the mounted letterbox, “Jimmy“ conveyed one letter each from the executive of the Norwegian administration and the participating companies, Shell and Gassco. The letters were sent to England successfully, and ceremonially read upon arrival by Gassco executive Brian Bjordal, who was pleased with this special demonstration of superior cooperation between the two companies and good relations between Britain and Norway.

Thus, ROSEN not only set a world record by inspecting the world’s longest pipeline in a single run, but also simultaneously performed another innovation premier: the first letters delivered by “Gauging Express”.

At the request oft he Norwegins, the Gauging Tool was placed on permanent display in the offices of Statoil, where the Norwegian project team is headquartered.

Before being shipped to Norway, Jimmy was autographed by the participating ROSEN employees to honor this especially unique run.

Thank you for your service, Jimmy 007!