DOLPHIN Energy Limited operates a natural gas transmission network and chose ROSEN Integrity Solutions for the implementation of centralized pipeline integrity management system solutions.

The integrity management of industrial assets is one of the most important challenges to the operators of energy infrastructures. DOLPHIN Energy Limited U.A.E., runs an onshore and offshore transmission network from the Qatar production fields to the United Arab Emirates and to Oman. Their energy operation division is responsible for operations, maintenance and management of the U.A.E. gas network, to ensure the receipt and distribution of natural gas across the U.A.E.

DOLPHIN decided to implement a Pipeline Integrity Management System (PIMS) to support its existing and future operational in-service and corporate needs with regards to the management of pipeline integrity. DOLPHIN’s own UAE Integrity department is responsible for eight onshore pipelines in the U.A.E. and cooperated closely with ROSEN Integrity Solutions from Lingen, Germany, in this project. The main approach was to centralize all relevant data and systems to acquire a global solution. All integrity analysis modules share the same database and the same outputs. Goals where not only to deliver an outstanding integrity software solution, but to enable further development by links to other new integrated software applications or functionalities.


In the first phase, DOLPHIN decided to achieve a “communicating system” by implementing the ROSEN Asset Integrity Management System Software (ROAIMS). It was awarded to the ROSEN Group in October 2011 and included two main tasks: After the installation of the full ROAIMS Software Suite (Alignment Manager, Cathodic Protection Manager, Corrosion Analyst, Risk Assessment, Feature Assessment, Geospatial Analyst) the data integration started with focus on quality assurance and quality control. Second Step was the implementation of the integrity software environment like the geographic information system (GIS), the enterprise document management system (EDMS) and the connection to business management software (SAP). The ROSEN solution was delivered to DOLPHIN in November 2012.

The second phase of the project consisted mainly of Data Migration, Quality Control and ROAIMS customizations through well-defined procedures, ROSEN migrated DOLPHIN’s data for the eight pipelines into the new system following Quality Assurance procedures and instructions. Once all data was implemented into the system, a Quality Control work was performed by ROSEN Integrity Engineers to ensure that data has been migrated without alteration and is in the right location and format.

On setting up the data properly, several important steps were taken. Possible threats to the DOLPHIN assets were considered, such as environmental conditions (i. e. heat, high temperature, sand storms, wadis etc.), as well as noise & vibration because of process plants, compressors and equipment delivery lines nearby.


Third party damage occurring on vehicle impacts or unauthorized construction activities had been evaluated, too. In the next steps, workflows on data integration of the different modules and environments formed the basis on which the risk methodology customization reflects the DOLPHIN environment in order to categorize possible threats. By comparing the data of former consecutive inspection runs, known defects could be taken into consideration as well as high consequence areas (HCAs) and other geospatial conditions.

The outcome is a reliable risk assessment in a GIS context, delivering a basis on which decisions on the integrity preservation of pipeline systems can be made – for the safety of humans and the environment.

DOLPHIN and ROSEN share the same vision of managing the integrity of assets. The implementation of centralized PIM Solutions went through many challenges mainly regarding data workflows and software interfaces, but at the end the project was successfully finished within the given framework. The given project implementation methodology was a key factor to the streamlined execution of the project. ROSEN is proud of that experience and the objectives achieved with DOLPHIN and looking forward to sharing our knowledge with other operators.