key advantages

  • Longer Lifetime = less shutdowns
  • Extends Lifetime, compared to carbon steel, by a factor of 5 or more
  • Less material and labor consumption
  • Extremely high adhesion to steel surface
  • Weld field joining system available
  • Corrosion and erosion protection
  • Available in straight sections and various fittings 

The Solution

ROSEN develops tailor-made formulations in-house. We developed Polyurethane materials for high wear applications which reduce maintenance intervals and keep the mine operating.

RoCoat protected pipes and fittings are currently used in the following applications: Slurry lines, water injection pipes, dredging, tailings lines and power plant piping. RoCoat is available in pipe lengths of 2 meters and less, up to 18 meter and in diameters between 4” and 48”.

Additionally, we can manage the purchasing of pipes and components, organize fabrication, and shipment.

Besides straight spools, we are capable of applying coating on: Elbows, Expansion barrels, Reducers and Tee pieces


  • High performance polyurethane Elastomer that is especially designed for high wear applications.
  • Outstanding adhesion to steel