Mr. Rosen, how would you summarize the past achievements of ROSEN in two sentences?

Hermann Rosen: In the last 30 years, we established ROSEN as the leader in the field of pipeline inspection. Thanks to many great people we enjoy an excellent reputation, especially within the oil and gas industry, for innovation, outstanding technology and quality products and services.

What is your vision for the future?

Hermann Rosen: I believe we can achieve even more. Given the expertise, knowledge and experience that we have gained so far, we are able to provide turn-key solutions in all areas of the process chain to a much wider range of industries. And we aim for the same pioneering role in other industries as we have in the oil and gas sector.

Where can ROSEN make a difference for customers?

Hermann Rosen: Our main distinguishing skill is to listen to customers, to recognize their needs, and to propose solutions that exceed their expectations. This sometimes involves thinking in rather unconventional ways and providing different perspectives to customers. But it is also the driver of our technology research and development – and therefore the key to developing outstanding solutions that create maximum value for our customers.

How will you communicate this new and highly customer-orientated product and service portfolio?

Hermann Rosen: It is not easy for customers to find exactly what they want within our extensive portfolio of products and services. This is why we have been improving the structure of our areas of expertise in order to help customers to find exactly the products and services they are looking for.
Our new webpage reflects this new approach and structures the enormous bandwidth of our portfolio. I am confident that there is a new look and feel about ROSEN that signals to everyone our strong capabilities as the absolute specialist of integrity product and service solutions.