The tremendous growth and diversification of the last 32 years required a few changes, not only for ROSEN as a company but also for the way it looks. A new corporate design and an even stronger customer-centric approach provide an optimum platform to meet this challenge. An evolution that finds its expression in the new brand appearance also on

The new ROSEN brand stands for everything that makes us different. Our unique identity, our values and the incomparable capacity for innovation that we stand for as a company. We are specialists for every step of the process chain, from the first customer contact to the end of the project. Our new brand appearance communicates our ability to provide extraordinary technology solutions to a wide range of industries: Oil & Gas, Energy, Process, Mining, Manufacturing, Telecommunications and Transportation for a wide range of assets, including pipeline, tanks and vessels as well as wind turbines, trains, telecommunication towers and many more.

The new logo of the ROSEN Group: 

Our new logo reflects the new ROSEN. We are one –  one group, one logo, one claim, one promise. We are empowered by technology. The visual reduction to the most important parts of our brand identity is the strength of the new logo. It reflects the ROSEN business philosophy, called ‘the ROSEN closed control loop’ which is applicable to any sector. It demonstrates our capabilities to offer solutions to nearly every technical challenge. The red triangle symbolizes active measuring and adjusting of processes. We are not just offering products and services, but solutions, from the first customer contact to the handover of the final report. This is represented by the circle of the “O” in ROSEN.

Our claim summarizes, what ROSEN stands for -  being “empowered by technology. It reduces complexity while expressing a crystal-clear expression of what we are. We deliver solutions. Based on technology. It is the basis on which ROSEN generates value for customers, partners and for ourselves. Technology lies beneath everything we do and assures, that the ROSEN Group is successful. The claim ‘empowered by technology’ sums up our brand promise – being the global technology provider, with an outstanding commitment to profound research and development. ROSEN can provide a solution for nearly every technical challenge. And if not, ROSEN will develop one.