The ROSEN Group is proud to announce the launch of the new corporate website under a new address:  It is one of the most important parts of the appearance of the ROSEN Group. With its clear and unique structure, it provides fast and easy-to-navigate information about the product and service portfolio as well as information the company itself.

The easy and well-thought structure differentiates the new ROSEN Group website from competitors’ within the industry. It provides a clear and distinctive orientation. By allowing a fast user navigation to the desired point of interest, it is a joy to use, providing a user experience previously thought impossible.

Two main areas functionally structure the new internet appearance of the ROSEN Group:  

The area ‘solutions’ stands for what we offer. Our business-related information about our vast products and service portfolio as well as industry case studies can be found here. They demonstrate, how our continuing strive to innovate and to create new solution add value to the process chain – and how it is transferred into solutions in a wide range of industries. ‘Solutions’ is the showcase, in which every interested target group can inform about the technological skills, the capabilities and the knowledge provided by the ROSEN Group. Moreover, an insight to our successfully faced challenges can be seen at ‘industry case studies’, whereas the ROSEN Group demonstrates their excellence in delivering tailor-made solutions.

One of the features delivering utmost value to user experience is called ‘solution scout’. A tool to serve customers information needs as fast and reliable as possible. For every challenge on every asset in every industry, the ‘solution scout’ provides user-orientated information, which ROSEN product or service can face the technical challenges of our customers. Not only a presentation of ROSENs vast collection of superior technologies, but a signpost to the right solution for individual technical challenges.

The area ‘company’ shows who we are. A company with a clear vision, founded on values that are not just said, but lived every day in every ROSEN Group location worldwide. We are a privately owned company and family business – and we keep growing. Within ‘Company’ we present ourselves in three categories – who we are, what we can do and how we care about the society. And we give good reasons, why ROSEN should be the company of choice for people, who want to work for the technology and market leader worldwide. ‘Meet our people’ and see how we are and work together as a team.

Despite all the changes of the look, ROSEN’s core focus remains the same: Providing customers with outstanding products and services that deliver true value of the highest possible standards. And this is also reflected by the new website.