We Take Performance to the Extreme

Performing in the offshore arena means performing under extreme conditions. This applies not only to the people that work on platforms and vessels, but also to any type of upstream asset. 24/7 operation at remote locations under harsh climatic and environmental conditions takes its toll on both people and assets.
Therefore, experts and technologies are called for that not only cope with, but excel in the face of the challenges they are presented with. Turn to the ROSEN Offshore Task Force for flexible, multi-purpose and future-proof solutions.

Ensuring an asset’s integrity requires a comprehensive understanding of an asset’s current and predicted condition, as well as actions to ensure sustainable, safe, efficient, and reliable operation for many years to come. To this end, sophisticated and advanced solutions in the areas of inspection, integrity assessment, monitoring, and maintenance are vital.

Offshore Services

Unique Assets Require Versatile Solutions

Depending on their type and geographical area of operation, offshore assets have to withstand extreme temperature ranges, high pressures, and/or biological, chemical and physical impact. Yet, complex logistics and a lack of standardized design heavily encumber their maintenance, which is why sustainable and efficient asset integrity management (AIM) is all the more important.
As unique as your asset, as versatile are our solutions. Be it pipeline end manifold (PLEM), flexible riser or topside structure, we have the expertise and equipment to provide you with an AIM solution tailored specifically to your needs.