Excelling under extreme conditions

Flow measurement has always been important to us, be it the measurement of water in agriculture or of chemicals and gases in younger industry sectors. Whatever we’re measuring, it has only been in the last 40 years that modern flowmeter technologies have evolved.

Even today some blind spots remain – reliable flow measurement is still not possible under certain severe conditions. Take the oil & gas industry, for example: here we often work in harsh environments, but also with extremely hot or cold media and under very high or low pressure. Gases and liquids can be mixed with each other. You might find multiphases and contaminations.

It is very much the same in the power generation, chemical, food and other process industries. Until now, the only flow measurement methods avail-able have been rife with disadvantages, leading at times to  pressure loss and often delivering inaccurate and unreliable results.

Insonification with broadband ultrasonic waves

ROSEN has a long history of using Electro-magnetic Acoustic Transducers (EMAT) for the inspection of oil & gas pipes. We have now refined this technology to create an industrial flowmeter for liquid, gas, steam and multiphase applications. We use broadband ultrasonic waves to insonify an entire pipe section in a unique manner. 

This enables highly accurate and stable measure-ments even under difficult conditions and in the face of disturbances for an extremely wide range of applications. The EMAT Flowmeter comes as a non-intrusive, retrofittable meter. It’s easy to install – no need for process interruptions,  shutdowns or coupling-media preparations.

Brochure Flow Metering Solutions

ROSEN EMAT Flowmeter:

  • Simple, clamp-on installation without process interruption
  • Stable measurements over a long lifetime
  • Contact-free measurement without coupling media make the meter suitable for extrememedia temperatures up to 650°C
  • Variable-frequency insonification of a cylindrical volume results in robust measurements even under challenging conditions
  • Auto-alignment function for quick, easy set-up



A unique technology:

Two EMAT sensor and receiver pairs are placed in a certain distance circumferentially around the pipe. Then EMAT insonifies the full diameter of the pipe section with frequency-controlled ultrasonic waves. The broad frequency band allows to choose the optimum frequency for practically every medium and application.

The EMAT Flowmeter also measures flow in a wide pressure range: From atmospheric pressure to high pressure. The insonification technology is robust against gas bubbles and solid particles in the medium. That’s not the end of the story – the EMAT Flowmeter offers multi-parameter readouts e.g. median density, multiphase fractions and phase velocity.

Electromagnetic acoustic transducer (EMAT):

The EMAT system uses an electromagnetic mechanism to excite acoustic waves directly in the pipe wall. The new, patented EMAT flowmeter technol-ogy is based on ROSEN’s long experience using EMAT for material inspection.


Oil & Gas

  • Exploration (offshore / onshore)
  • Production Management (offshore / onshore)
  • Natural Gas Processing (LNG,CNG)

Petrochemical and Refining

  • High Temperature Applications
  • Low Pressure Gas
  • Flare Gas

Power Plant / Steam Distribution

  • Power Plant Operation
  • HP / LP Steam
  • Saturated and Superheated Steam

Other Process Industry

  • Food Industry
  • Water Industry
  • Pulp and Paper Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Pharmaceutic Industry



Tested accuracy

External certification
The ROSEN EMAT Flowmeter has been success-fully tested at several well-known certification laboratories, such as PTB Braunschweig (German National Metrology Institute), with calibration for water and air.

Internal research & development facility
In 2014, ROSEN Group commissioned the  construction of a multiphase flow loop facility  for developing, engineering and testing its EMAT Flowmeters. In this flow loop, the EMAT Flow-meter measures single phase media such as water, nitrogen and diesel, as well as water cut and multiphase flows. ROSEN uses this facility at the ROSEN Technology & Research Center in Lingen, Germany, to develop complex single and multi phase solutions in close cooperation with our customers.


The EMAT Flowmeter works with…

The EMAT Flowmeter provides highly accurate flow measurement of any liquid throughout a wide range of flow regimes and viscosities. Gas content and enclosed particles can be managed. The non-intrusive, contact-free design also ensures that the device can be used with extremely cold or very hot liquids as well as aggressive or toxic media.

Our insonification technology handles gases under atmospheric pressure as well as high pressure. The EMAT Flowmeter is suitable for flow measurement in pipelines for all kind of gases. It can serve as a check meter in gas distribution, for emission control, or as a meter for flare gas, shale gas, LNG and CNG.

While steam flow measurement is especially important in power plants, process heat and steam distribution are also measured in many other industries. In the oil & gas industry, for example, steam is an important tool for enhanced oil recovery. The EMAT Flowmeter can measure steam up to 350°C with permanent magnets and up to 650°C with electro-magnetization..

Since our insonification technology uses different ultrasonic wave-lengths and frequencies, it can measure several medium parameters. Possible applications range from water cut measurement to multiphase flow metering (oil, water, gas) and wet gas. ROSEN’s multi-phase flow rig, which is used in the development of new solutions, is open for customer demonstration.