key advantages

  • Safe and efficient loading processes
  • Distance measurement between the lorry and loading bay
  • Extremely robust design
  • Weatherproof
  • Easy maneuvering in the loading area
  • Reduced risk of damage to persons and property
  • Optimized loading time
  • Repair cost saving and extended life time
  • External wire and electronic box
  • Can be mounted to the building wall
  • Can be connected to traffic light or other signaling device

The Solution

The Intelligent Docking Buffer is equipped with an integrated sensor system measuring the distance between the lorry and the loading bay. It can be connected to traffic lights or other signaling devices at the loading bay that immediately report unintended rolling away of the lorry from the ramp thereby ensuring correct positioning and safe loading, and unloading, with optimized loading times.

The very robust design, combined with the outstanding characteristics of the polyurethane, are the basis for significant repair cost savings and extended life time.


The ROSEN Intelligent Docking Buffer is made of RoPlasthan®
high performance polyurethane (PUR) elastomer that provides very high abrasion resistance and tear resistance.

Due to the material properties and the very robust design of the buffer, which results in a high mechanical load-bearing capacity, the buffer reliably protects the loading station against the force of a docking truck. It also considerably extends the life time of the buffer.

ROSEN developed a sophisticated customized e-field sensor used to detect the rear of the closed truck as it approaches the loading ramp. The information collected by the sensor can be converted into a green-yellow-red signal system for optimal docking at the loading station.