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key advantages

  • Prevents contamination of the pipe interior from environmental influences such as dirt, dust, water, snow, animals, etc.
  • Active and passive tracking solutions in accordance to client’s specifications
  • Monitoring of events like cap removal, cap manipulation drilling of the pipe, etc.
  • Autonomous network solutions for field applications
  • Several solutions for active and passive pipe identification and localization
  • Single source and customized solutions made by ROSEN
  • Optional field and network services upon request
  • Combinable with our Pipe CV solutions


The Solution

In all large pipeline projects, those responsible for logistics, operators and construction companies have to follow the slogan “time is money”. To follow this slogan as best as possible,  it is necessary to find the right solutions for the cost-effective handling of these project.

The possibility of combining our variety of  solutions for pipe management and tracking applications with our Intelligent Pipe End Caps provides to our clients an answer to the question of how to ensure and control, a cost-effective supply chain where almost all of the pipes will need to arrive in time with a defined quality and  at the point in the laying process where it is actually needed.


ROSEN’s long term experience in handling of challenging projects, and our expertise in innovative R&D work and professional engineering, allow us to deliver single source and customized solutions for the extensive tasks provided by our clients.