key advantages

  • Reliable reference points also available for difficult environments (Offshore services, mountainousterrain, shore areas, salt water)
  • Long lifetime and durable design
  • High performance polyurethane elastomer
  • Flattened shape for decreasing accidental removal
  • Stronger magnets available on request

The Solution

In order to detect pipeline damage or weakness, pipes are regularly examined with inspection tools. As it travels through the pipeline, the inspection tool detects the present state of defects and possible weak points, and then records these in an internal memory unit.

Installation of Marker Magnets significantly reduces the cost and effort associated with benchmarking using Above Ground Marker (AGM) receivers. Such markers are especially effective in the presence of difficult driving / traffic conditions, high running speed of the inspection tool, and long pipelines (where Marker Magnets make overnight tool tracking superfluous). Since the Marker Magnets remain in place upon completion of the survey, they can be used for future inspections, thereby increasing their benefit over time.


The magnets are attached at precisely defined locations every 1-2 km, typically in the 12 o’clock position on the pipeline. When the tool passes this point, its electronics will register a strong magnetic field and record its location in an internal memory unit, along with the precise time of day.

For pipelines with higher wall thickness or exterior coatings, a heavy duty marker magnet is available.

Polyurethane protecting metal against harsh environments.