key advantages

  • Economic single source solution
  • Customized adaption of the system
  • Interface with our Asset Integrity Management Software which will assist in the overall asset management of pipelines
  • Can be used in conjunction with our Smart Pipe Caps for the physical protection of the pipes from manufacture at the pipe mill to installation in the ground. 

The Solution

Each pipe will be equipped  with a unique electronic box (E-box) which contains several customized features and allows wireless communication by handheld, gate or defined network (local and worldwide). All data will be managed by our pipe monitoring database and software solutions.

E-Box features:

  • Pipe identification
  • Pipe vita
  • Pipe location
  • Monitoring of vandalism
  • Condition Monitoring (e.g. temperature, humidity)

Please note that further features could be provided upon request.


The diversified know-how of the ROSEN Group in: engineering of electronics, mechanics, plastics, sensor technologies, networks and software solutions, including additional workshops for in-house production of prototypes, small batch series and series production, as well as several laboratories and testing facilities with our more than 700 employees working on R&D, enable us to create and provide professional and custom solutions in a very short time frame.