key advantages

  • Safe and efficient loading processes
  • Detection of the contact between the tires and the chock
  • Ensures that the vehicles can not move undetected
  • Extremely robust design
  • Weatherproof
  • Reduced risk of damage to persons and property
  • Optimized loading time
  • Repair cost saving and extended life time
  • Can be connected to loading ramps, traffic light or other signaling device

The Solution

The Smart Wheel Chock is equipped with an optical sensor that detects whether the lorry tires are in contact with the wheel chock or not. It can be connected to the loading ramp, traffic lights or other signaling devices at the loading bay that immediately report unintended rolling away of the lorry. Upon contact with the tires, the sensor electronic is able to release the door control. It is placed behind the wheels of the vehicle which also helps to mechanically ensure that the vehicle cannot move.

The very robust design, combined with the outstanding characteristics of the polyurethane, are the basis for significant repair cost savings and extended life time.


The ROSEN Smart Wheel Chock is made of RoPlasthan®
high performance polyurethane (PUR) elastomer that provides very high abrasion resistance and tear resistance.