Since the introduction of Inline Inspection tools (ILI), over 50 years ago, there has been a continuous need to develop inspection solutions for pipelines considered ‘unpiggable’. A variety of obstacles can be present in a pipeline, every one of which can in extreme cases prevent the use of existing traditional in-line inspection equipment.

However, in many cases it is actually a combination of different circumstances relating to the pipeline design, operating conditions, and/or product properties which cause the successful inspection of a given pipeline to be a true “challenge”.

ROSEN established the Challenging Pipeline Diagnostics Division to respond to one-off inspection challenges by providing solutions which enable operators to inspect the majority of their pipeline networks. This division consists of highly experienced engineers, specialists, and service technicians able to provide unparalleled value through ingenious, tailored solutions.

Through flexibility, experience, and proven technologies we pride ourselves in conceiving effective solutions to match your needs. To put it frankly: We offer solutions, because we can.


The Challenge

Your Unpiggable Pipeline

ROSEN’s experienced Solution Officers will visit your facilities and meet face-to-face with the personnel directly responsible for operating the pipeline, and review and assess available information in order to propose the best possible solution together with rated alternatives.

When working closely with our customers it often becomes clear that the complication lies in the combination of various circumstances which must be addressed. Though challenges vary from one pipeline to the next, the most common include:

  • Access or passage restrictions related to pipeline design, e.g. bends, length, T’s or missing launchers and receivers, etc.
  • Condition of the pipeline, e.g. pressure, flow, cleanliness, etc.
  • Properties of the product being transported, e.g. temperature, multi-phase, etc.

It is through detailed analysis of each challenging pipeline, be it onshore or offshore, that enables us to  define the optimal solution, successfully inspect the pipeline, manage time constraints, and project costs, all while delivering the highest quality data sets possible under demanding operating conditions.


The Solution

Our Approach

We aim to devise specialized solutions that not only give operators the means to have the pipeline inspected, but also, when required, to provide a comprehensive integrity assessment.

The expertise of ROSEN`s Solution Officers is built on a wealth of knowledge that makes us understand the special requirements of successfully inspecting “challenging” pipelines. Not limited to covering the issues of accessibility, negotiability and propulsion, but also addressing all aspects of pipeline preparation, cleaning, tool tracking, risk mitigation and professional project management.

Our solutions can be tailored to each individual application using existing methodologies, or through new developments and innovations, depending on the individual demand. With other options available, typical solutions are based on devices, such as:

  • Free swimming
  • Tethered
  • Bi-directional
  • Robotic/self-propelled

Having clear understanding and awareness of the value pipeline assets represent, various fail-safe mechanisms are incorporated into our tool designs while preparing the solution. This is a critical element of our solutions and ensures that every component that goes into the pipeline will also come out.

The true value lies in collecting good quality data. The ROSEN Challenging Pipeline Diagnostics Division ensures the best possible inspection results by considering the data collection processes beginning with the conception of each solution.


The Benefit

Your Gain

Partnering with ROSEN, and working in partnership with our experienced personnel to perform successful inspections will help you to achieve your objectives, by:

  •  Maximizing pipeline uptime and sustaining or even increasing product throughput
  •  Meeting applicable safety standards and regulations
  • Managing public perception
  • Extending  lifetime
  • Safeguarding the environment
  • Optimizing maintenance processes and streamlining OPEX

Having applied the adequate inspection solution translates into optimizing costs and thereby enabling you to keep control of your maintenance budget. This is our way of creating ultimate value for our customers.

Making ROSEN the most reliable, competitive and flexible solutions provider: A Partner you can trust.


The Toolbox

The Ultimate Tool

As each challenge is unique, building a specific tool for each solution is not always feasible. In response, the “ROSEN Toolbox” incorporates complementing units, components, methods and market knowledge which enable our Solution Officers to devise solutions to optimally address each challenge.

Our Toolbox approach extends into the depths of the entire organization, enabling all innovations, technologies, and experiences to be considered when creating tailored solutions.

This ultimate tool allows us to be flexible and provide fast results and to conceive tailored solutions to address and solve specific challenges.


Brochure Challenging Pipeline Diagnostics