Integrity Solutions as part of the ROSEN Group, has access to an extensive global network of in-house engineering & consultancy experts who work closely with the operators of oil & gas production facilities, pipelines and utility systems to reduce risk, maintain integrity and extend the service of assets

We focus on two approaches:

Broad Integrity Management Systems. Large-scale integrity program implementations including operating guidelines, supporting software programs and network-wide risk-based maintenance approaches

Specialist Integrity Services. Detailed engineering studies are carried out by expert teams to tackle any of the specific challenges faced in managing the integrity of an asset. For example, fitness for purpose, corrosion control, failure investigation, risk assessment, engineering critical assessment, repair welding procedures, pipe mill audits, component testing and flow modelling

We are one of the largest integrity engineering teams in the industry, representing several hundred years of combined project experience. We are proud of having delivered our integrity products & services to a wide range of well-known customers, all with one thing in mind - safety.

The key aims for operators are to

  • Prevent failures, ensuring the safety of the public and environment
  • Reduce downtime due to unforeseen events
  • Define cost-effective inspection plans and inspection intervals
  • Avoid unnecessary repairs and interventions during standard operation
  • Extend asset life without compromising the principles of safe operation

These objectives are influenced by a range of legal and financial factors, including:

  • Compliance with legislation and company policies
  • Maximizing asset value and production targets
  • Operational life extension

Our team of industry experts and professional engineers are motivated to provide technically excellent services to support the safe and efficient operation of our customers assets.


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