ROSEN’s Ultimate Clean fleet of pipeline cleaning solutions is capable of fulfilling daily maintenance and pre-inspection demands. ROSEN’s routine maintenance tools deliver excellent pigging results by using the durable in-house developed RoPlasthan polyurethane for guiding and sealing discs, which are applied as needed.

Why set up a routine maintenance program for your pipeline network?

Maximize operational efficiency -> maintaining flow rates

Corrosion management -> extending pipeline lifetime

Safe operations -> Ensure the structural integrity of a pipelines

The standard cleaning portfolio made available for routine maintenance of pipelines can provide tools that perform uni-directionally, bi-directionally, as well as provide superior scraping and sealing performance. Ensuring the quality of each cleaning run, ROSEN tools have a lift off effect recommended for large amount of deposits. In order to ensure that all maintenance needs can be fulfilled ROSEN has a long list of tools available for standard cleaning needs, including:

  • All Service Disc Tools*
  • All Service Cup Tools*
  • Gauge Tools*
  • Gauge and Bend Detection Tools*
  • Magnet Tools*
  • Brush Tools*
  • Batching / Liquid Removal Tools
  • Gate Valve Tools*
  • Combined Tools*
  • Wax Removal Tools (Brushes with Spider Nose)
  • Descaling Tools – Hardened Wax Removal
  • Transmitter Tools
  • Pipeline Data Logger (PDL) Tools
  • ATEX / Ex Compliant Tools 


 *standard or long run versions available



Below you find a comprehensive list of our solutions for Pipeline Systems.
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