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We regularly tackle challenging pipeline geometries (e.g. varying pipeline diameters or wye pieces) or challenging cleaning issues (e.g. the removal of pyrophoric black dust, heavy  paraffin wax build up to stubborn water hardness scales requiring removal).

For all of the above, we will carefully design a suitable cleaning program which may include the use of  some of our high performance cleaning tools or could require the design and build of a tailor made cleaning tool- specific in its purpose.

We have identified a few examples solutions & technical challenges presented to our customers demonstrating the variety and of technical trials faced and overcome to support field operations for cleaning:

  • Dual & Multi Diameter Tools – to traverse different diameters
  • Dual Module Tools – to traverse Y-pieces
  • Rescue Tools – to collect missing parts
  • Bypass Tools – with adjustable bypass systems to aid in debris removal and speed control
  • Pressure Bypass Tools – to activate and open at specific pre-set pressure limits
  • Special Wax Removal Tools
  • Black Dust Removal Tools for long distance dry gas pipelines
  • Corrosion Pit Cleaning Tools
  • Skimming Tools – to remove mill scale & soft deposits
  • Reversed Cleaning Tools (RCPs) – to facilitate the cleaning of loading lines
  • Tools with high performance tracking magnets
  • High temperature tools
  • Chemical resistance tools – for chemical pipelines
  • Descaling plow tools – to remove extremely hard scales
  • Controlled Liquid Slug Removal Service Tool – for the controlled removal of liquids from multiphase flow lines
  • adjustable pig loading, receiving & transport systems - assists operators to safely transport, launch & receive tools.