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Our maintenance cleaning solutions are designed to fulfill regular maintenance and pre-inspection cleaning support, incorporating our Ultimate Clean fleet -designed to deliver excellent pigging results.

Our Cleaning and Batching Pigs can be fitted with an array of cleaning support tools including but not limited to: brushes, magnets, descaling & dewaxing implements as well as geometric gauging plates and bend detection technologies.

Furthermore, all tools can be equipped with ROSEN developed instrumentation including transmitters for tracking or pipeline data loggers to record operational data and cleaning effectiveness. ATEX / Ex Compliant Tools are commonplace in our portfolio.

Cup Design

Cleaning Tools using a cup design are often recommended where large amounts of deposits are expected and where “lift-off” from the pipe-wall is likely.

These tools are usually unidirectional and can provide effective cleaning performance.

Disc Design

Cleaning Tools using a disc design are often recommended where superior cleaning and sealing performance is required due to high contact pressure at the pipe-wall.

These tools are bi-directional and offer high cleaning & sealing performance.