ROSEN is an expert in sensor and data acquisition technologies and supplies sophisticated instruments like full body inspection systems for pipe mills, data loggers, tool location transmitters, and other sensor systems.

Tool Tracking

ROSEN’s tool tracking and locating system is a two-in-one solution. It provides highly reliable detection of inspection and cleaning tools in pipelines. It can also track and locate in-line inspection or cleaning tools during their passage through a pipeline. The system is equipped with extreme low frequency (ELF) transmitters or strong magnets. The signals of the Intelligent Transmitter (ITX) are detected by a receiver. We deliver a complete system that consists of an Electronic Tool Detector (EPD) and an Intelligent Transmitter (ITX).

We also offer a Pipeline Data Logger (PDL), Temperature Data Logger (TDL), Above Ground Benchmarker (BM), and Marker Magnets (MM). Our customers can combine any of these components to meet their specific needs.

As a one-stop shop, ROSEN offers tailor-made cleaning tool products and cleaning services for a variety of applications, with carefully selected components, and selection of cleaning tools.

Precise system

Our system provides
• a robust stainless steel housing for harsh operation conditions in most liquid and gaseous media
• long operating time
• selectable signal mode from 1:1 to 1:6 or continuous (depending on tool speed and required battery lifetime)
• easy battery replacement
• 22 hz extremely low frequency signals
• transmitters, that are available for pipes with an outside diameter between 3” and 56“
• a wide range of cleaning tools and equipment

And works for
Liquid, Crude Oil, Water, Gases, Refined Products

Operation Activities
Cleaning, Flooding, Dewatering, Inspecting and Batching


Our wide variety of expertise and long-term experience enables us to provide cost efficient and reliable solutions for our customers. ROSEN is the first choice for instruments of the highest quality. With a robust and ergonomic design for long-life operation, even in harsh conditions, or for special applications
such as ATE X certification. We focus on system integration and comfortable interfaces.
A complete range of instruments are used for our inspection services and are continuously improved on the basis of our operations experience.


Our commitment to a safe working environment is demonstrated by the extensive range of instruments matching the industry standards and regulations. ROSEN production quality assurance is certified according to DIN EN 80079-34, which allows us to manufacture ATE X equipment.
ROSEN has a team of qualified experts responsible for handling, documentation and maintaining ATE X relevant equipment and components. All equipment, materials and accessories have to be ATE X certified to be permitted to operate within a designated ATE X zone.

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