Rio Pipeline 2023

Once again, we are proud to be participating in the newest edition of the Rio Pipeline Conference & Exhibition to demonstrate our commitment to bring safety operations in the pipeline industry. The event shows the depth of facets available for assets in the oil & gas as well as mining industries and regarding future fuels. We are ready to display our pool of facets from which we can pull various elements together to create the perfect solution for every challenge.

Picture of Rio Pipeline exhibition 2019

Facts about the event

August 08 to 10, 2023

Rio de Janeiro

For 3 days, Rio Pipeline represents the place to be for the international pipeline community by bringing together the most diverse participants and specialists from all over the world. We contribute to the debate on the most relevant topics and strive to build trust between industry and society by highlighting benefits and the importance of this industry for developing countries.

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At this conference, our experts will present several technical papers on a diverse range or topics, from Competence Challenges of the Energy Transition and best practice in Asset Integrity Management and its software to versatile solutions for assets under extreme operating conditions.

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