With a full suite of training modules, designed to help you maximize the power of your ROSEN Asset Integrity Management Software (ROAIMS), we provide you the knowledge and skills you need to maintain and analyze data, as part of the integrity management process. Our courses are led by experienced instructors, who will guide you through topics that will help you to get the most out of ROAIMS.

Who should attend?

  • The course is aimed at managers who need to understand the use of ROAIMS
  • All employees who are using ROAIMS on a regular basis
  • All employees who use the results generated with the ROAIMS software suite and who would like to understand the creation process, and integrity management reporting capabilities


ROAIMS Beginner training

This training is an instructor led training with interactive classroom discussions covering the principal workflows and functionalities of the ROAIMS Software suite.

The training starts with a one day integrity awareness workshop, providing a theoretical overview of ROAIMS in the context of pipeline integrity management. The remaining four days concentrate on dedicated theoretical training of the different modules within ROAIMS.

The training will outline the relationships between the different software modules, comprehensive workflows and module specific functionality introductions. Small hands on sessions are considered in the ROAIMS Beginners training.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand ROAIMS in the context of pipeline integrity management
  • Get to know the modules being part of the ROAIMS suite and their purpose
  • Execute main functionalities of the software suite, like data integration, data analysis, data visualization and reporting
  • Describe the main workflows and relationships between the different modules of the software suite


ROAIMS advanced user training

With this training course the attendees will gain deep practical knowledge of the execution of integrity related workflows implemented in the ROAIMS Software suite.

The training is completely built upon practical hands on sessions. Users will start with data preparation activities and will finish the training with the creation of maintenance plans as well as pipeline risk reporting.

Experiences and results can be directly shared within the attendees group. Throughout the training our experienced trainers provide tips and support for software related questions or problems.

Learning objectives:

  • Explain the different integrity related workflows available within the ROAIMS Software Suite
  • Understand the preconditions that need to be fulfilled in order to perform certain workflows
  • Explain the relationships between different ROAIMS modules and functionalities
  • Execute Data Management, ILI LifeCycle, Integrity Management and Risk Management workflows and exercises to create detailed reports