“ROSEN offers the opportunity of continued growth and development.’’

Fernando is a Data Analyst for ROSEN Colombia, based in Bogotá. He has spent 5 years at ROSEN and his background includes time working as a survey engineer. Outside of work, Fernando’s interests are tennis, reading, music and watching movies.
As a Data Analyst, Fernando analyses and evaluates the data obtained from the ROSEN Colombia pipeline inspections. He verifies that information provided to the client is understandable and readable; he also delivers support in order to satisfy their data needs.

How did you reach your current position?

“After five years as a Survey Engineer, I had gained a lot of experience in inspections. ROSEN Colombia realized the client needed to have support to understand the process and the survey results. I was offered the opportunity to become Data Analyst, which I happily accepted. I have been able to develop my skills myself in this position, with specialized training to help me achieve my objectives.”

Which projects are you currently working on?

“In my current position I have responsibility for verifying every pipeline inspected in Colombia by ROSEN. I’m currently working on a number of projects for a major oil and gas company. The projects are really interesting and I’m enjoying the process.”

What does ROSEN have in store for your future?

"ROSEN offers the opportunity of continued growth as a person and as an employee. I am eagerly awaiting further developments in the data process. Through constant improvement processes, even more training and the support of my colleagues, I aim to improve the quality of my client services even further in the future.”

What is your most memorable ROSEN moment?

“I was the first Survey Engineer in Colombia to run a newly developed tool for a pipeline inspection. It was a gratifying experience because it was a reflection of my training and efforts and a satisfying accomplishment for the entire team.”