“What I love most about ROSEN is its rich employee diversity.’’

Kirstin is a Data Analyst at ROSEN Europe B.V. in Oldenzaal. She has been with ROSEN for 3 years and a background as a Survey Technician. Kirstin's hobbies are reading and photography and she enjoys spening her free time with her dogs.
As a Data Analyst, Kirstin analyses and evaluates the data gained from the various ROSEN pipeline inspections. She ‘translates’ the data to information that the client can use and read.

How did you reach your current position?

"When I started working at ROSEN I got assigned to the Ultrasonic Testing team as a data evaluator. After a few years I felt ready for a new challenge and expressed my wishes to my manager. I got to work with a new technology, Magnetic Flux Leakage, and I received more responsibilities. This really helped me in my personal development.”

Which projects are you currently working on?

“I have been assigned to projects from Eastern Europe and various German speaking countries. Currently I’m working on a big project for a major gas pipeline in Eastern Europe. It is several hundred kilometers long, so it’s a very big pipeline.”

What does ROSEN have in store for your future?

"Since ROSEN is such an innovative company, new technologies are always just around the corner. I’m excited to see if I will be working with these new technologies. As for my personal development, I will be writing the final reports for clients in the near future, which is very exciting!”

What is your most memorable ROSEN moment?

“What I love most about ROSEN is its rich employee diversity. I have immediate colleagues from Germany, the Netherlands, USA, Indonesia and Australia among others. I really enjoy hearing stories from their countries and learning about their cultures.”