“Each pipeline is unique and requires very specific solutions, this keeps my job exciting, challenging and fun.”

Stephan is a Senior Project Manager at the ROSEN Europe BV Office in Oldenzaal He has spent 4 years at ROSEN and his background is in the philosophy of science and artificial intelligence. Outside of work, Stephan’s interests include watching and playing sports, traveling and activities with friends.
As a Senior Project Manager, Stephan is responsible for various tasks regarding pipeline inspections, such as project planning, project engineering, risk identification and client contact.

How did you reach your current position?

"I joined ROSEN as a Project Manager for South America. After two years I was offered a job as Key Account Manager for one of our biggest clients, this was a fantastic opportunity and I happily accepted. The opportunities kept coming, and today I can proudly call myself Senior Project Manager for ROSEN Europe.”

Which projects are you currently working on?

"At the moment I’m spending my time preparing for a number of major international pipelines we are going to inspect in the near future. This requires a lot of international trips to specify the technical requirements and to assess the clients’ wishes. Each pipeline is unique and requires very specific solutions, which keeps my job exciting, challenging and fun.”

What does ROSEN have in store for your future?

"My future at ROSEN really is wide open, the possibilities practically endless. If you work hard and do a good job, it won’t go unnoticed. One of the great things about ROSEN is how supportive my colleagues and managers are. I feel that my future is in my own hands.”

What is your most memorable ROSEN moment?

"There have been a lot of memorable moments throughout the years, but if I have to pick one it has to be a trip I took to the far north of Norway in preparation of a project. We had a few off-hours and I went for a trip with a colleague. I drove a snowmobile over frozen lakes and across snow-covered pine woodlands at temperatures of -25 °C. It was an amazing experience.”