“ROSEN identifies talent in people and offers a nurturing and challenging environment in order to grow as an employee and as a person.’’

Tim is a Purchase Manager at ROSEN Europe B.V., based in Oldenzaal. He owns a Master of Science Degree in History and Political Science and enjoys hiking, traveling and reading in his free time. Tim has been working at ROSEN for 4 years.
As Purchase Manager Tim is responsible for selecting and evaluating suppliers. Tim is also responsible for all purchasing duties which aren’t directly related to the inspection tools.

How did you reach your current position?

"I started at the HR Department in Oldenzaal where I assisted in the recruitment process. Seeing that the company was growing rapidly in this period, more facility aspects needed to be taken care of. I took on more and more facility related tasks since I enjoyed the work. After a while purchasing became an increasingly large part of my job. As you can see I have had a very varied career so far. ROSEN identifies talent in people and offers a nurturing and challenging environment, along with the right opportunities, in order to grow as an employee and as a person.”

Which projects are you currently working on?

"I recently finished a big project for the expansion of our maintenance hall, I was responsible for coordinating and guiding the construction process. Currently I’m working on a project where I’m coordinating the implementation of a procurement software system. I really like the diversity of the projects I get to work on, there is always something new and exciting to do.”

What does ROSEN have in store for your future?

"One of our goals for the near future is to get a uniform  procurement process and system up and running in all of the ROSEN Europe branch offices. I’m really looking forward to getting started on this project. As for my own future, I will wait and see which interesting career opportunities pop up. There is always something special just down the road at ROSEN, just take a look at my career so far!”

What is your most memorable ROSEN moment?

"Something which left a big impression on me was at the start of the construction process of our new maintenance hall. I will never forget the first time I set foot in the new hall. To see our plans and ideas come to life after such a long and intensive planning period was an amazing experience.”