“I always have a variety of challenging tasks to dive into.’’

Olga works as an Interpreter for ROSEN Europe BV at the company’s Moscow office. She has spent 7 years at ROSEN and her background is in linguistics. Outside of work, Olga’s interests are photography, traveling and literature.
As an interpreter Olga is responsible for the translation of various documents and materials from English to Russian.

How did you start your career at ROSEN?

"When I joined ROSEN it was starting a promotional campaign in CIS countries and needed a lot of information materials to be translated into Russian. The central point of this campaign was the creation of a ROSEN website in Russian to reflect the original website. ROSEN’s field of activity was very specific, and it was a challenging task to translate such information. I needed to make myself familiar with ROSEN technologies; I had to improve my knowledge of physics and engineering principles. I really learned a lot during this period! It was exciting to work in an international team: my part of the job was to provide translations, technical issues were supported from Germany and Switzerland, and content was developed by my Swiss colleagues."

What are your usual tasks?

"I always have big variety of tasks that need to be done! There are everyday issues such as translation of business correspondence, tender and contract documents, technical specifications, inspection reports, etc. Additionally, I can be engaged in various internal company projects, e.g., translation of new company software, translation of special technical documents or preparations for exhibitions."

What are you currently working on?

"At the moment, a lot of inspections have just been completed by our Survey Engineers and reports are being issued. So my colleague and I are busy with the translation of reports for Russian-speaking clients."

What is the most attractive side of being a ROSEN employee?

"ROSEN is an innovative company leading in the inspection industry. My position allows me to be up-to-date with the latest technologies. I have to understand how the new technologies work in order to describe them to our clients. I have very interesting and creative tasks! And of course I enjoy working with my colleagues from Russia, Ukraine, the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland, who are always very supportive"