This page is dedicated to information and resources about how we are maintaining our operations and taking care of our employees and customers during COVID-19.



As the COVID-19 crises continues to develop, the well-being of ROSEN’s employees, customers, and their families remains our primary goal. Despite this challenging time, we are committed to providing the industry with the necessary services on critical infrastructure by closely collaborating with our customers to ensure the safe operation of their assets within the guidance of local governmental and health authorities.



We take the current situation very seriously. We have been proactive in initiating extensive preventive safety measures, both globally and locally, to help reduce the risk of virus transmission and mitigate the impacts of this pandemic to our business operations, employees, customers and the surrounding communities. Some of the many control measures we have implemented to reduce the risk of virus transmission and ensure business continuity include:

  • Office-based employees have been successfully migrated to efficient home working environments
  • Employees working in manufacturing or other shift-based work have been divided into smaller alternating teams in accordance with preventative safety guidelines
  • Those working in the field or on-site have been trained on the use of proper safety equipment and procedures to mitigate the risk of transmission while working with customers




We have extensive experience in operating during difficult circumstances — we know how to continue to deliver our global services while keeping our staff and customers safe.

Our holistic risk-management approach includes dedicated global and regional teams closely monitoring the situation and working together each day to minimize the impact, manage the business, fulfill customer expectations and ensure the safety of our employees. This approach has ensured that our operational, manufacturing and research & development facilities continue to operate smoothly.




We understand that despite these difficult times, our customers still bear responsibility for safe and reliable operation of critical infrastructure to deliver vital resources. As an asset integrity partner, ROSEN is committed to fulfilling our obligations and supporting our customers through this uncertain climate. We have the global capacity and flexibility to overcome any difficult situation and find a solution for our customers.


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For additional information on how to ensure the safety of yourself, your family and your community, please refer to your local governmental and health authorities.

ROSEN Group vice president Erik Cornelissen answers commonly asked questions about COVID-19