May 12. till May 14.

Pipeline Technology Conference

Since 2006, the main focus of the Pipeline Technology Conference (ptc) is on latest technologies and new developments in the international pipeline industry. Besides an overview on international key projects, new construction methods, and an insight into new operation & maintenance, rehabilitation, in-line inspection and integrity management field studies and technologies, ptc 2014 will provide special focus sessions on “Pipeline Safety”, “Onshore Pipeline Construction” and “Offshore Pipeline Construction”.
The practical nature of ptc was always based on the cooperation with our technical and scientific supporters and on a top-class international advisory committee.
The conference will feature lectures and presentations on all aspects surrounding oil, gas and product pipeline systems.

May 12, 20142014-05-12T11:08:53 - May 14, 2014 2014-05-14T11:09:05
Berlin (Germany)
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