Sep 26.

Managing Critical Assets Through Comprehensive Integrity Management Techniques and Inspection Technologies

The combination of increasing safety and environmental concerns shared by the general public and more stringent regulations has led to an intensification of preventive maintenance for piping systems in high-hazard installations such as refineries. Furthermore, pipework system integrity is crucial for sustainable financial performance. Potential threats include, but are not limited to, external and internal corrosion, cracking, and mechanical and metallurgical damage. A comprehensive asset management plan identifies these threats and aligns appropriate actions, including inspection techniques and technologies, to the mitigation of risk arising from potential pipework failures.

ROSEN’s piping inspection and integrity service portfolio helps operators of refineries and petrochemical plants maintain the end-to-end integrity of their piping systems, from robust design to end-of-life management.

Join this free webinar to

• Identify the key threats to pipework integrity
• Gather insights into advanced piping inspection technologies
• Align inspection technologies to threats
• Review the outcome of inspections to inform the asset management plan
• Build a holistic asset management program for pipework assets

The webinar will be presented live by our experts at 8 am (London Time) and 5 pm (London Time) on September 26, 2019.

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