Oct 18. till Oct 19.

RENMAD H2 Logistics Europe

RENMAD H2 Logistics USA will bring together executives with hands-on experience in H2 storage and transport to explore infrastructure requirements, and the pros and cons of storing hydrogen as a gas, liquefying it, or turning it into ammonia, methanol, synthetic fuels and other zero-carbon chemicals. The conference will also explore the economics of transporting hydrogen across long and short distances and ways to lower the cost for the first and last mile. Finally, industry experts give you the keys to hydrogen standards and safety measures when transporting H2. This conference is for professionals tasked with transporting hydrogen whether by pipeline, road, air, or sea; and storing it, whether underground, in tanks, or cells.

October 18, 20232023-10-18T12:00:00 - October 19, 2023 2023-10-19T12:00:00
Zaragoza, Spain
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