Mar 08. till Mar 09.

Pipeline Safety Conference 2018

Safety has always been an important topic but now,more than ever before, the pipeline industry recognizes that a change in attitude is needed in the way we address important safety issues. For years, the path to safety excellance was elusive. Now with a new approach to safety training that focuses on affecting attitudes and behaviors, pipeline operators have a road map for engaging employees in a system of accountability that results in safe operations. The pipeline safety conference provides technocrats at all levels insight into their role in influencing the attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that drive safety culture.

This event also bring together leaders of the pipeline industries and the regulatory authorities to disuss innovative approaches and the best practices for managing new construction of pipeline, ensuring safety in the operating pipelines, improving efficiency and overcoming challenges from inside and outside the industry.

March 8, 20182018-03-08T12:07:00 - March 9, 2018 2018-03-09T12:07:00
Hyderabad (IND)
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