Aug 28.

The Role of Competency in Pipeline Safety Management Systems

Pipeline Safety Management Systems (PSMS) are management tools that will help a pipeline operator comprehensively and holistically manage all the many aspects of pipeline safety. The framework of PSMS is specified in the API Recommended Practice 1173 and consists of ten elements, one being “Competence, Awareness, and Training” which is probably the most important one since there is a strong link between pipeline failures and human errors caused by incompetence.

This free webinar introduces a structured approach for developing, assessing and demonstrating competence in compliance with Item 9 of the PSMS, ‘Competence, Awareness, and Training’.

Join the webinar to:
• Understand how human factors influence pipeline safety
• Gain awareness of the importance of the ‘Competence, Awareness, and Training’ item within a Pipeline Safety Management System
• Know how to apply a competency framework within a Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle
• Learn about the elements contained in a competency standard

The webinar will be presented by Karen Collins, Program Manager, Michelle Unger, Head of Business Line Education Systems and Services, and Simon Irvine, Learning Manager, on August 28, 2019, 11 am CDT (Central Daylight Time).

August 28, 20192019-08-28T10:00:00
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