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Material Property Verification as Part of the Integrity Management Process

Upcoming regulatory changes will include new guidelines related to material verification aimed at ensuring operators have traceable, verifiable, and complete pipeline data sets. But in the case of buried pipelines, material verification is a complex cost intensive task reliant on digs. Using ILI to support this task enables operators to perform a joint-by-joint assessment of the pipeline, identifying different populations of pipe within each segment of the line by assigning pipe and material properties. As part of a regular inspection campaign combined with on-site material verification, ROSEN’s RoMat PGS service can be used to verify a pipeline’s material properties as effectively as possible, optimizing the information returned from each dig and avoiding non-essential digs.

Join the webinar for:
• All relevant and important information on the upcoming changes in NPRM, including new guidelines related to material verification
• PGS in-line inspection technology – expound on how the technology and service function
• ROSEN PGS data evaluation – review of how collected data is used to identify pipe grade on each joint of pipe and to uncover the pipeline’s DNA
• Flexible service plan – explore the options available to spread service cost across multiple budget cycles

Our experts will present the webinar live on March 21, 2019, 11 AM CDT (Central Daylight Time).

March 21, 20192019-03-21T10:00:00 - March 21, 2019 2019-03-21T11:00:00
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