Jun 10. till Jun 10.

Tech Talk: Deformation Management

Deformations are a well-known and well-understood threat to pipeline integrity; many generations of inspection technologies have been developed over the years to gather information on these defects. As the attention to dent depth decreases and the emphasis on capturing a true dent profile increases, so must our focus on the quality and resolution of data recorded by technologies used to locate, size and characterize deformations. To detect the undetected, check out Deformation Management with Caliper data.

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This session is part of our series “TECH TALKS - Regional sessions on technical topics” with weekly discussions on a diverse range of topics on asset integrity management and regulatory ramifications for the oil and gas industry.

June 10, 20202020-06-10T12:00:00 - June 10, 2020 2020-06-10T03:59:00
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