Jul 22. till Jul 22.

Tech Talk: How to Address Long-seam Integrity

Long-seam integrity management is a relevant topic as part of changes to gas pipeline regulation. The essential elements of long-seam integrity management will be described and related to the changes in code associated with Subpart O, 192.710 Assessments outside of HCAs, and 192.632 ECA for MAOP Reconfirmation. The API 1176 recommended proactive for crack management will be used to support this discussion.

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This session is part of our series “TECH TALKS - Regional sessions on technical topics” with weekly discussions on a diverse range of topics on asset integrity management and regulatory ramifications for the oil and gas industry.

July 22, 20202020-07-22T12:00:00 - July 22, 2020 2020-07-22T03:02:58
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