In 2017, the American Petroleum Institute (API) launched the recommended practice of API 5C8, suggesting proper care, regular maintenance and thorough inspection of coiled tubing. This recommended practice aims to ensure safe coiled tubing operation and safely extends the lifespan of a string resulting in fewer failures and reduced costs for the user.

In order to reach this goal, relying on theoretical fatigue or corrosion models might be insufficient. A thorough inspection at regular intevals is vital in order to ascertain the exact condition of the tubing. The older it gets, the more identification and mitigation of coiled tubing risk through inspection is needed in order to avoid coiled tubing failure.

But how can manufacturers and operators minimize coiled tubing failure through inspection? How accurate does the inspection data need to be in order to properly predict condition and remaining life? When is the right time for an inspection?

With its API 5C8 compliant Automated Coiled Tubing Integrity Monitoring (ACIM) Service, ROSEN offers a solution that provides answers to those questions.

Join our webinar to learn more about our ACIM Service and recent technological advancements. Our experts will provide advice on how to deal with API 5C8 inspection requirements and explain how ROSEN supports handling this recommended practice. Relevant insight will be shared as to what reliable, real-time monitoring of coiled tubing integrity looks like for onshore operations, such as well interventions along with a number of offshore applications.

The live webinar will be presented by Richard Föcke, Industrial Egineer and Product Manager, and Jürgen Wölke, Technical Consultant and Application Manager, on 25 April, 2018, at 9 AM BST (London) and 10 AM CDT (Houston).


Presented By:


Richard Föcke
Industrial Engineer and Product Manager, ROSEN Technology and Research Center in Lingen, Germany

Richard Föcke is an Industrial Engineer and Product Manager at ROSEN responsible for the improvement of existing and development of new inspection technologies and tools for tank, coiled tubing and piping inspections.
He has 7 years’ experience in the inspection business for the oil and gas industry. His expertise focuses on flat bottom tanks, coiled tubing and piping inspection tools.


Jürgen Wölke
Technical Consultant and Application Manager, ROSEN Technology and Research Center in Lingen, Germany

Jürgen Wölke is a Technical Consultant and Application Manager at ROSEN responsible for the education of internal personnel and service compliance with ROSEN & international standards / recommented practices for tank, piping, pressure vessel and coiled tubing inspection services within the ROSEN Group.
He has 16 years of experience in the inspection business for the oil and gas industry. His expertise focuses on flat bottom tanks, pressure vessels and coiled tubing inspection services.


Join the webinar for:

  • Learn about the important requirements of API 5C8, especially section 8. Inspections and section 9. Nondestructive Inspection and Testing of Used Coiled Tubing
  • Understand the principles and benefits of ATEX certified inspection
  • Gather insight about interesting references to challenging coiled tubing inspections
  • Discuss future developments in the coiled tubing market


  • Coiled tubing engineers
  • Coiled tubing service managers
  • Well intervention leaders
  • Coiled tubing manufacturers