Pipelines are exposed to a wide range of potential damage mechanisms, which may eventually result in leakage or worse if not identified and mitigated at the right time. While single threats may severely compromise the operational safety of a given pipeline, combined threats like corrosion in dents, or cracks in corrosion pose an even higher risk to the asset’s overall integrity.

There is no single inspection technology that can detect and size all combinations of features that may be present in your pipeline. So how can you be sure to detect every anomaly?

ROSEN offers a variety of modular inspection technologies that can be merged on one tool to comprehensively assess various types of threats in one ILI run, ultimately reducing inspection-related costs and efforts. Each technology is strong on its own. However, the combination of multiple technologies provides significant added value as the combined evaluation of various data sets leads to more accurate integrity assessments.

Join our webinar to learn more about how you can benefit from our combined-diagnostics approach.

The live webinar will be presented on 22 February 2018 at 8 AM GMT (London time) and 5 PM GMT (London time).


Presented By:



Dr. Kathrin Schröer
Service Manager and Data Expert

Dr. Kathrin Schröer is an ILI Service Manager and Data Evaluation Expert for the Geometry and IEC (Internal Eddy Current) Corrosion Services at the ROSEN Technology and Research Center in Lingen, Germany. Kathrin joined ROSEN in 2008, working as a Team Leader for Geometry Data Analysis before taking on her current roles. She graduated from the University of Muenster in Germany in 2006 with a Ph.D. in Geophysics.



Tom Steinvoorte
Business Development Manager

Tom Steinvoorte delivers tailored solutions for the inspections of challenging pipelines to the South American region. He is equipped with a Mechanical Engineering degree. In 8 years Tom has performed many different roles within the ROSEN Group, such as project management, key account manager, as well as area manager, giving him the opportunity to become an expert with real applications of inspection systems. Sharing his knowledge through publications and technical papers at conferences like PTC and the Pipeline and Gas Journal, Tom has been able to showcase his expertise. His mission for Challenging Pipeline Diagnostics is to create ultimate value for customers with customized solutions for any pipeline inspection that are reliable, competitive and flexible.


Join the webinar for:

  • technical insights on a variety of technologies,
  • benefits of combining different technologies and evaluation results, and
  • examples of possible technology combinations and subsequent inspection results.



  • Integrity Engineers
  • Purchasing / Supply Chain personnel
  • Project Managers of Inline Inspections
  • Pipeline operator personnel with responsibilities in pipeline maintenance and pipeline operations