Offshore in-line inspections come with their own set of technical challenges, which distinguishes them from onshore pipeline inspections.

Typical challenges for offshore inspections may include:

  • Pipeline design and subsea installations
  • Choice of measurement technology
  • Operating conditions (low or high gas speeds, low or high pressures)
  • High wall thicknesses
  • Multi-diameter pipelines
  • Limited access to launch or receive ILI tools
  • Subsea launching/receiving
  • Tool tracking
  • and combinations of the above

Not knowing how to best tackle these challenges may result in pipelines being left uninspected or inspections falling short on requirements, thus creating potential risks to their integrity.

Therefore, on July 21st, ROSEN will conduct a webinar which discusses the available technologies that can successfully overcome them and allow a complete pipeline data set to be acquired.


The webinar will be presented by:

Stephan Harmsen

Stephan Harmsen is responsible for providing solutions to the EU region within the Challenging Pipeline Diagnostics Division. He has gained a variety of experience within his 7 years as part of the pipeline industry, both operationally and commercially. During his time at ROSEN Stephan has accumulated his expertise as a Project Manager for the South American region, Project Manager of the Nord Stream pipelines inspection project as well as a Key Account Manager for Norway. In the latter position he was responsible for offering solutions for offshore pipeline inspections as well as managing those projects.  To illustrate his knowledge Stephan has contributed to a variety of publications and conferences, particularly at the PPIM in 2014 with the presentation “Nord stream establishes a baseline for offshore ILI programs”.  Stephan Harmsen’s mission for the Challenging Pipeline Diagnostics Division is to solve challenges for customers to their full satisfaction as cost effective, time effective, and professional as possible.


Tom Steinvoorte


Tom Steinvoorte delivers tailored solutions for the inspections of challenging pipelines to the South American region. He is equipped with a Mechanical Engineering degree. In 8 years Tom has performed many different roles within the ROSEN Group, such as project management, key account manager, as well as area manager, giving him the opportunity to become an expert with real applications of inspection systems. Sharing his knowledge through publications and technical papers at conferences like PTC and the Pipeline and Gas Journal, Tom has been able to showcase his expertise. His mission for Challenging Pipeline Diagnostics is to create ultimate value for customers with customized solutions for any pipeline inspection that are reliable, competitive and flexible.