Operators must know what materials their pipelines are made of in order to effectively manage aging assets. Without appropriate knowledge about the types of pipes and their properties present in a pipeline section, robust integrity assessment is not possible. Upcoming regulatory changes include new guidelines related to material verification aimed at ensuring operators have appropriate material property data sets as the basis for sound integrity and risk management. In the case of buried pipelines, material verification is a complex cost intensive task reliant on digs. Using ILI to support this task enables operators to perform a joint-by-joint assessment of the pipeline, identifying different populations of pipe within each segment of the line by assigning pipe and material properties. As part of a regular inspection campaign combined with on-site material verification, ROSEN’s RoMat PGS service can be used to verify a pipeline’s material properties as effectively as possible, optimizing the information returned from each dig and avoiding non-essential digs.

We are pleased to invite you to a free webinar that will discuss the changing regulations and present how our RoMat PGS service addresses material verification as it pertains to robust integrity management. A structured approach will be presented, covering everything from the implementation of the RoMat PGS service as part of a Combined Diagnostic approach, the evaluation process to define “populations and assign” properties, and the development of a subsequent plan for completing the material verification process. Our experts in the material verification process, Simon Slater and Thomas Eiken, will present the webinar.


Join the webinar for:

  • All relevant and important information on the upcoming changes in NPRM, including new guidelines related to material verification
  • PGS in-line inspection technology – expound on how the technology and service function
  • ROSEN PGS data evaluation – review of how collected data is used to identify pipe grade on each joint of pipe and to uncover the pipeline’s DNA
  • Flexible service plan – explore the options available to spread service cost across multiple budget cycles


  • Pipeline Engineering
  • Asset Integrity
  • Pipeline Integrity
  • Materials and Welding
  • GIS and Compliance

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Presented By


Simon Slater
Principal Materials and Welding Engineer

Simon Slater is a principal materials and welding engineer based in Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK. Simon joined the ROSEN Group in 2011 after more than 12 years in the steel industry, working in research & development and oil & gas pipe manufacturing. He has extensive expertise in metallurgy, welding engineering, material properties and testing, manufacturing processes and structural integrity assessments. He is a chartered engineer and member of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining.



Thomas Eiken
Service Manager and Welding Engineer

Thomas Eiken is service manager for the RoMat PGS service and welding engineer based at Rosen’s Technology and Research Center in Lingen. Thomas joined the Rosen Group in 2013 after 19 years in project management and welding supervision in the oil and gas business. He has extensive expertise in construction methods, welding engineering, construction standards and regulation of pressure pipping.