The need to inspect offshore pipelines is becoming an increasingly challenging step when developing an overall integrity management plan. From the construction of new, difficult-to-inspect pipelines taking place every day, to older offshore pipelines that now require inspection, the demand to customize new and innovĀ­ative solutions for these challenging pipelines is higher now more than ever.

Inspecting offshore pipelines is often more demanding than inspecting onshore pipelines due to many reasons, including; logistics, accessibility, time limitations, etc. Additionally, external reference measurements or local repairs are challenging or sometimes even impossible. Consequentially, measurement performance, first run success, risk mitigation and operational impact are key factors to be considered when selecting an inspection solution.

Therefore, a wide range of solutions are needed to individually address each of the unique challenges of offshore pipeline inspection. In order to respond to this increasing need, ROSEN’s Challenging Pipeline Diagnostics Division continuously examines and extends the range of solution capabilities.

We are therefore pleased to invite you to join a free webinar on June 28th that will be presented by experts from our Challenging Pipeline Diagnostics Division as well as our partner KTN. This webinar will discuss in detail the individual challenges that offshore pipelines present, and in order to illustrate the current state of technical possibilities, four case studies will be presented, each with their own challenges and tailored solutions, including:


  • Free swimming MFL corrosion inspection of a 36” x 450 km gas pipeline with ultra-low flow (0.04 m/s)
  • Self-propelled MFL corrosion inspection of a 10” vent line
  • Self-propelled Phased Array and TOFD circumferential crack inspection of a 10” crude oil flow line
  • Tethered UT corrosion and TOFD girth weld crack inspection of a 32” gas pipeline.


This webinar will be presented live at 10 AM CDT, June 28th, 2017 by:

Tom Steinvoorte

Tom Steinvoorte delivers tailored solutions for the inspections of challenging pipelines to the South American region. He is equipped with a Mechanical Engineering degree. In 8 years Tom has performed many different roles within the ROSEN Group, such as project management, key account manager, as well as area manager, giving him the opportunity to become an expert with real applications of inspection systems. Sharing his knowledge through publications and technical papers at conferences like PTC and the Pipeline and Gas Journal, Tom has been able to showcase his expertise. His mission for Challenging Pipeline Diagnostics is to create ultimate value for customers with customized solutions for any pipeline inspection that are reliable, competitive and flexible.


Ulrich Schneider

Ulrich Schneider is the business development manager for KTN AS. After earning his master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Hannover, Germany, he spent 7 years as a pipeline operator (Preussag Oil + Gas) where he had his first experience working with an intelligent pig in 1985. In 1988, he moved to the vendor side (Pipetronix, later PII) doing sales mainly for ultrasonic pig inspections. In 2001 he started with NDT Systems & Services (later NDT Global) as director of sales, then EVP business unit EMEA and EVP business development. In September 2013, he started his own business as a consultant (PIC pipeline inspection consulting) doing technical feasibility and market studies and seminars. In January 2014, he began working for his friends at KTN and is responsible for sales of challenging pipeline inspection. Ulrich has been involved in hundreds of pipeline inspection projects, with various types of tools and technologies, presented many papers at several international pipeline conferences, and has given trainings and seminars around the world. His mission: to find the smartest solution for clients for difficult to inspect pipelines using all technologies.


Stefan Vages

Stefan Vages has been working in the in-line inspection industry for 10+ years. In this time he has held various positions from data evaluation and field services to project and product management. He has published and presented various technical papers in particular on complex in-line inspection projects. He currently works as a technical solution expert for the ROSEN Group in North America.