On June 3rd & 4th, ROSEN USA Vice President Chris Yoxall delivered part of a two-day training course on Pipeline Pigging.

The course is held by Clarion Technical Conferences several times a year for engineering management and field operating personnel from both transmission and distribution companies, and ROSEN has been a proud supporter for the past several years. This is the 5th time Chris has presented the course, having most recently presented it earlier this year during the PPIM conference and exhibition.

"At ROSEN, we understand our obligation to ensure the transfer of knowhow in the interest of the industry and its future," Chris said when asked why it was important for him to take the time to share his expertise in this way. "It's important to put back into an industry to ensure continuity of knowledge and sharing thereof. My time is provided at no charge to Clarion, and in return they allow us to have ROSEN members attend these 3-day courses — it's mutually beneficial."

More information on Clarion Courses can be found at http://www.clarion.org