The ROSEN Energy & Innovation Forum 2014 was universally hailed as a huge success.
Have "a brief look back" of the event that pipeline integrity management specialist ROSEN Group developed for the oil & gas industry.

In early June 2014 pipeline integrity management specialist ROSEN Group held its second ROSEN Energy & Innovation Forum at the ROSEN Technology & Research Center in Lingen/Germany. Considered a great success, the ROSEN Energy & Innovation Forum was a truly global pipeline industry gathering and constituted an international “consultation round” on topics currently in the focus of stakeholders from wherever pipelines are operated.

Within three subsequent panel discussions, highly reputable members from Industry Associations, Operators, Universities, Regulatory and Government Representatives discussed intensively on the topics of Assurance, Innovation and Safety.

Panel 1: Assurance
Agreeing to the fact, that fundamental cultural differences are a challenge, the harmonization of standards & regulations is welcome throughout the international oil & gas industry. Regulation is recognized as chance to move from the experiences of others, which overall eases business in an industry dealing with global norms but local assets.

Panel 2: Innovation
The lively panel underlined the importance of collaboration not only between different disciplines but also across the industry. “A no is not allowed in a process of knowledge creation” both impulse presenter, panel and audience agreed. Innovation has to be a win-win situation for people and enterprises – therefore investments in leveraging experience and operational knowledge are necessary.

Panel 3: Safety
Safety is one of the most important points – and the need for a higher public awareness. Being more pro-active rather than being reactive. It’s a must to better inform the public about the energy industry and their role in a globalized world.

See below the trailer to get an impression of the event and already block your calender for the next 2016 edition!

Trailer - A brief look back

Hence it was structured not as a paper and presentation conference but comprised visits, technology demonstrations, workshops to first give delegates an impression of the state-of-the art of pipeline integrity management and, vitally, three lively panel discussions on Assurance, Innovation and Safety for the exchange of information.

With the ROSEN Energy & Innovation Forum, a key platform for the neutral interdisciplinary exchange among the major decision makers of the oil & gas industry has been developed.


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