PHMSA advisory bulletins and proposed rule-making has focused on producing and establishing appropriate documentation on pipeline materials to justify maximum allowable operating pressure (MAOP). To ensure safe, profitable and code-compliant operation of a pipeline throughout its life-cycle, pipeline operators need to have traceable, verifiable, and complete design and construction records of the entire pipeline.

Assisting operators with this challenge, ROSEN provides an integrated approach to close the gap of unknown material information. With a single in-line inspection, the RoMat PGS high-resolution inspection service provides details on the strength of each pipe along the entire pipeline.

This material strength categorization service provides measurement of strength properties and a determination of pipe grade for every single pipe within the examined pipe section. By means of a novel assessment process to determine the pipeline DNA as ROSEN calls it, specific population-based attributes are established using multiple data sets. This is followed by in-situ verification activities using non-destructive and destructive testing. All with a singular aim: to assist operators along the path of material property verification.

In order to inform customers about our material property verification approach, ROSEN will conduct a live webinar at 11:00 AM CDT, March 14, 2017.

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