We are proud to announce that a brand new microsite devoted to the latest developments and information on the EMAT Flowmeter is now live.

Visit this new site to learn what it means to Insonify Your Flow and gain direct access to our Flowmeter Team.

ROSEN has a long history of using Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducers (EMAT) for the inspection of oil & gas pipelines. We have now refined this technology to create a unique retrofittable flowmeter device for multiphase, steam, liquid and gas applications.

The EMAT Flowmeter uses broadband ultrasonic waves to uniquely insonify an entire pipe section. This enables highly-accurate and stable measurements, even under difficult conditions and in the face of disturbances, for an extremely wide range of applications. The easy to install, non-intrusive, retrofittable flowmeter eliminates the need for process interruptions, shutdowns or coupling-media preparations.