Operators must know what materials their pipelines are made of in order to effectively manage aging assets. Without appropriate knowledge of the types of pipes and their properties present in a pipeline section, robust integrity assessment is not possible. Upcoming regulatory changes have recognized this, and will include new guidelines related to material verification aimed at ensuring operators have traceable, verifiable, and complete pipeline recordings as the basis for sound integrity and risk management.

As part of a regular inspection campaign combined with on-site material verification, ROSEN’s RoMat PGS service can be used to verify a pipeline’s material properties as effectively as possible, optimizing the information returned from each dig and avoiding non-essential digs. In the recent webinar entitled “What’s in Your Pipeline? – Material Verification as Part of the Integrity Management Process” our experts in the material verification process discussed the changing regulations and presented how our RoMat PGS service addresses material verification as it pertains to robust integrity management. Watch the webinar for technical insight on the RoMat PGS service and dive into an in-depth discussion of the upcoming changes in NPRM, including new guidelines related to material verification.

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