Created by Hermann Rosen in 2012, the ROSEN Energy & Innovation Forum aims to provide a platform for the open exchange of concepts and ideas between the key stakeholders in our industry: service and technology providers, regulators, and operators. On May 12, 2020, this platform will take shape once again. This year’s topic is “Zero Incidents – Managing Public Perception”.

Striving for zero incidents has become a crucial driver in asset integrity and safety for the global energy industry in general – and the oil and gas industry in particular. The pursuit of this goal is not only fueled from within our industry but also from external factors, including public perception and a more critical perception of risk. Like other industries, the oil and gas industry has come under increasing public scrutiny when it comes to incidents.

The strategic and future-focused nature of REIF allows key decision-makers from operators, regulators, and technology and service providers to understand and discuss their strategic needs relating to managing public perception. The event will clarify how our industry can collaborate to meet the increasing challenges placed upon us and provide a clear strategic direction for integrity management specialists.

REIF 2020 will provide an understanding of how public perception influences our industry in ensuring asset integrity and safety. How does public perception vary around the globe? What implications do public perception and today’s instant access to information on pipeline failures have? How should we handle safety and compliance and protection of the environment while ensuring efficiency and the best use of existing assets?

The event is once again planned as a three-day forum, the core being a two-day conference. The program ranges from addressing public adversity to new technological developments to understanding the impact of public perception on integrity management processes and procedures after structural failures to understanding the competency requirements placed on future young professionals and how we can motivate them to join our industry. A combination of presentations, interactive workshops and networking opportunities serves to ensure maximum benefit to delegates and allows for thoughtful discussions.

Event details:

Date: May 12-14, 2020

Location: ROSEN Technology and Research Center, Am Seitenkanal 8, 49811 Lingen (Ems), Germany

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