The ROSEN Energy & Innovation Forum is an international event intended for key decision makers in the Oil and Gas industry. Keynote Address, Speakers and Panel Members of the Forum are highly reputable members of Universities, Industry Associations, Operators, Non-Governmental Organizations, Regulatory Agencies and Government Representatives. The Oil and Gas Industry has consistently focused on the safe, reliable, environmentally sound and efficient operation of all related assets.

Every day, considerable efforts are taken towards reaching the ambitious goal of zero incidents. Assurance, Innovation and Safety are key driving elements towards reaching this goal. These elements will be the theme of the biennial international ROSEN Energy & Innovation Forum taking place in Lingen, Germany from June 4th to 6th, 2014.

A brief look back - ROSEN Energy & Innovation Forum 2012

The 2014 Energy and Innovation Forum is the second event taking place in Lingen, Germany. The series was started in 2012 on the occasion of the opening of ROSENs Innovation Center, the "technological heart" of the ROSEN Group.

The conference topic "Innovations in the Oil and Gas Sector" has driven moving discussions about trends within the industry, exploring new fields of transport for natural gas as well as concluding implications for the inspection business, inspection technologies and future trends of in-line pigging.