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See our technologies and products in action! ROSEN opens it' s Lingen site for exclusive live technology demonstrations.

  • Pull Test of 20” Magnetic Flux Leakage Tool (MFL-A)
  • Challenging Diagnostic Division
  • EMAT Flowmeter
  • Low Flow, Low Pressure Bi-Directional Crawler
  • Tank Bottom Inspection (TBIT) and External Precision Piping Inspection IFSE
  • RoCoat Pipeline Coating, Intelligent Plastics

While the "ROSEN Technology & Research Center" is considered the 'technological heart' of the ROSEN Group, numerous products and services acquired enourmous attention throughout the oil and gas industry and beyond. 

Pull Test of 20” Magnetic Flux Leakage Tool (MFL-A)

Our inspection tools are calibrated once they are assembled the first time or after refurbishment. With one of the largest collection of original customer line pipes, we are able to continuously ensure the reliability of the inspection technology results. The pull test is performed on our own testing area.

Challenging Diagnostic Division

ROSEN’s strategy to engineer tailored solutions to optimally inspect challenging pipelines relies on combining methods, applications, modules and components all contained within the ROSEN Tool-Box. Using the Tool-Box approach enables ROSEN’s experts to have the outmost flexibility and fastest turnaround time. The following ROSEN Tool-Box elements are in display during the demonstrations:

The 30/36” Tractor Unit
With its unique driving concept, the 30/36” Tractor is able to move various ROSEN measurement elements through pipelines, even those containing
1.5D bends, without the need of propellant medium. The non-tethered
operation allows for a wide range of applications while remaining highly
reliable due to integrated fail-safe systems.

The Pulsed Electro Magnetic Acoustic Transducer Unit
The unit is one of the latest elements in the ROSEN Tool-Box. This element
offers all the advantages of ultrasonic technology without the need for a
liquid and is optimized for detecting cracks and crack-like anomalies.
The utilization of pulsed electro-magnets is ideally suited for low friction
requirements in pipelines with or without medium.

EMAT Flowmeter

The EMAT Flowmeter is the next cutting-edge technology from the ROSEN Group. The flowmeter ystem is an instrument for measuring the gravimetrical or volumetrical flow rate by EMAT ultrasonic technology for different media in pipelines. The flowmeter is capable to measure gases, liquids and steam accurate, repeatable and reproducable. Also multiphase applications can be managed in realtime in near future with this multivariable device.

The technology is patented. It was developed at the ROSEN Technology & Research Center in Lingen, Germany.


Low Flow, Low Pressure Bi-Directional Crawler

In some pipeline systems, the operating pressure is below the standard pressure required for the operation of a standard in-line inspection tool. The challenge in low flow and low pressure pipelines, the challenge is not to get the tools from one end to another, but to ensure a constant inspection rate. A possible solution is to reduce the friction between the tool an the steel wall. This can be realized via optimized cups/disc design as well as optimized sealing.

Many pipelines were designed without real consideration of their inspection
needs and are often not equipped with standard launching and receiving
facilities. Some of these lines can be modified temporarily or have a single
point of entry only. Our services specifically manage the challenges of
pipelines with limited access. The high performance bidirectional capability
is achieved by a unique low friction magnetizer and sensor suspension
system combined with a special propulsion sealing/venting disc setup.
This allows bidirectional pumping and tethered operation.

Tank Bottom Inspection (TBIT) and External Precision Piping Inspection IFSE

Live inspection of a tank bottom plate using the Tank Bottom Inspection Tool (TBIT) and online data evaluation. Determination of length, width and depth of internal and external defects. Demonstration of data visualization with the ROSEN Service Desktop for Tanks and the included reporting software
ROSOFT for Tanks.

Inspection of a pipe joint using the EMAT IFSE CIRC and AXUS and online data evaluation. Detection of different feature classes and determination of feature extend in circumferential and axial direction. Demonstration of data evaluation by using comprehensive signal information displayed in multilayer
software views.

RoCoat Pipeline Coating, Intelligent Plastics

RoCoat internal pipe coating is designed for increasing the lifetime and the integrity of pipelines for slurry and tailing transportation. The in-house developed RoCoat polyurethane and an exceptional manufacturing process leads to a unique mechanical and chemical resistance coating. You are welcome to follow the manufacturing procedure of pipe coating at the ROPLAST building.